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In the current market, CBD has made a presence felt by effective products and a huge range. CBD is available in the form of soap to honey and even pet care. If you wish to use CBD products you will have a lot of options to choose from. One of the most popular and effective CBD-based products is CBD Tinctures. What are CBD tinctures? How to use them? What are their benefits? Are some of the questions you might have. In this article, we will answer all of that and much more. Read on.

What are Tinctures?

Tinctures have been used in ancient cultures for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians have used this to administer medicine as evident from their scriptures. Tinctures are primarily alcohol-based solutions to deliver herbal medicines to our body’s digestive system. They contain natural chemical extracts of the solvent from the soaked bark, leaves, or roots of a plant to create a concentrated solution.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a very popular natural chemical compound and is present in abundance in hemp along with 100 other cannabinoids. The other prominent ones are CBN or Cannabinol, CBC or Cannabichromene, CBG or Cannabigerol, and THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol among others. The other natural chemical compounds present in Hemp are flavonoids like Luteolin, Apigenin, and Tangeritin, and terpenes like Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, etc.

These natural chemical compounds are extracted from the hemp plant using advanced methods. It requires the usage of no harmful chemicals and is a completely natural extraction process.

What are the types of CBD after extraction?

CBD is extracted in three variants depending on their intended use and planned infusion in the products.

1. Full-Spectrum CBD

This contains all the extracted cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other natural chemical compounds. This also contains THC but less than 0.3% as per the FDA guidelines. THC is the cannabinoid that makes us high because of its euphoric and psychoactive properties and is prominently present in Marijuana, a cousin of Hemp. FDA regulates the amount of THC to ensure it is not abused. This variant is most widely used for its entourage effect.

2. Broad-spectrum CBD

This one contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and all the other natural chemical compounds but not THC. This is also used in many products as some people prefer not to intake any THC at all.

3. CBD Isolate

As suggested by the name this variant contains only CBD out of all the extracted natural compounds. This is the purest and most concentrated form of THC.

What are CBD Tinctures?

Hemp flowers and buds are soaked in a solution with 60-70% of alcohol for several weeks. The natural chemicals get absorbed by the alcohol and form a very potent mixture. Alcohol acts as the carrier for CBD. In some cases, sweeteners are added as CBD Tinctures taste very bitter.

Instead of alcohol sometimes vinegar or glycerine is also used. These may make the tincture alcohol-free but will not be as potent as an alcohol-based tincture. Typically CBD Tinctures have a very long shelf life and can be used in very few quantities without being bothered by their expiry.

How to use CBD Tinctures?

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CBD tinctures are to be administered sublingually or under the tongue. A dose of two to three drops is what is required. CBD tincture drops need to be held under the tongue for about a minute for instant absorption into the bloodstream through the sublingual artery and then through the carotid artery. After the drops are held under the tongue for a minute they can be swallowed to be absorbed by the digestive tract into the bloodstream, to the heart, and the entire body.

How do CBD Tinctures work?

Our bodies have numerous endocannabinoid receptors which form a complex network of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which link to the central nervous system (CNS). Once the CBD enters the bloodstream it travels all around the body and binds itself to the endocannabinoid receptors. They act with these receptors and are thus beneficial for our body and mind’s health and well-being.

The endocannabinoid system regulates important body functions like sleep, hunger, reaction to pain, stress management, etc., and regulates them for our well-being. CBD tinctures are fast and effective. It takes about 15 minutes to an hour to take effect and the effects last for about 8 hours.

As the digestive system is involved, taking CBD tinctures after a meal will be more effective. Eating fat-rich foods will help in digestion and accelerate the process.

What are the benefits of CBD Tinctures?

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CBD Tinctures can be used for many health conditions. Let’s discuss the major ones.

1. Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be controlled by CBD. Studies have revealed that with the appropriate dosage stress and anxiety can be managed to a great deal by CBD. Excessive stress and anxiety are known to cause other complications like depression, insomnia, mood swings, and loss of confidence. This also impacts decision-making and impacts productivity in work.

2. Pain and inflammation

Pain can be acute, chronic, and even neurological. CBD reacts with the ECS and reduces pain to a great extent. In most cases when an injury, wound, or joint pain like arthritis plagues us it is accompanied by inflammation. CBD is also very effective in countering inflammation and provide relief. Pain from migraines, joints, and even cancer can be treated using CBD.

3. Seizure related conditions

Seizure-related conditions like epilepsy and schizophrenia need proper medication however, for multiple of these like conditions seizures can be reduced to a great extent by using CBD. Seizures occur due to uncontrollable neurological activity. CBD can help soothe the nerves and relax them to reduce excessive activity and control seizures even in children.

CBD Tincture is one of the most popular and effective products that use the herbal benefits of cannabinoids. Research is continuously ongoing for CBD’s benefits and its medicinal properties. These research reports indicate CBD has anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties in conditions like arthritis, prediabetes, cancer, and eye injuries. Before you buy always ensure it is a reputed manufacturer you are purchasing from who provides premium quality CBD. Also, make sure they have third-party lab reports confirming it is a high-quality product.

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